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PCB Assembly

From simple single-sided PCBs to much more complex double-sided multi-layer mixed-technology designs, we build them all - and mainly by hand. Larger runs of SMD boards can be placed by hand or by machine, and soldered in our reflow oven. For smaller runs, we offer fine-pitch hand soldering.

Whether you need 1 or 1000, we just might be able to help!

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Box Builds

We assemble, test, and certify products using your procedures, or working out the best method from your paperwork. We use our assembly experience to help reduce costs by simplifying and streamlining build steps. Finished goods can be sent back to you for further processes, or made ready for your end customers - and even dispatched direct to them - in your defined packaging.

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Other Services

Although we specialise in the manufacture of PCB and box build assemblies, we offer much more than just those services. We provide additional and complementary solutions so that you can have all of the manufacturing for your product handled in one place. Why not leave the management of multiple stages to us, rather than using up your own time to keep things under control?    

The personal touch

Every customer has specific needs and priorities, and these are very important to us as well. The Purchase Order cannot always give the whole story, so we are happy to fill in missing details by telephone or email, to make sure we are providing exactly what you need.

When you ring us, you can talk directly to the people who are doing the work, so there shouldn't be any details "lost in transit". We welcome visits at almost any time, but if you can let us know in advance, we'll make sure the coffee's ready!

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