About Just Electronics

We are a contract electronics manufacturer (CEM) that specializes in small-to-medium runs of mainly hand-built electronic assemblies and box builds, filling the gap where automation is not possible. Laboratory equipment, niche audio, power distribution, and X-ray generation are just some of the industry sectors we have already supplied.

We can help you get your designs into production by doing a lot more than just electronics!

Our team are passionate about what we do, and have experience in many different areas within manufacturing. We know the sorts of things that can be major headaches to customers, because we have been on the receiving end ourselves, so we make a real effort to avoid those same mistakes.

Being a small company allows us to react quickly to changes, and we've been in business long enough, working with large and small organisations, talking to designers and buyers, to make sure we get things right on time each time, so our customers keep coming back - for the right reasons!!

Everyone says it, but we are the ones who answer to our customers, and we don't like having to apologise! We are working towards ISO9001 approval, but we always take the quality of all our work very seriously indeed.

If you just need your board or product built, and don't want to be involved in the day-to-day concerns of manufacture, we can take the weight off your shoulders. We can handle every stage from purchasing through to delivery to your end customer, and even have links with designers to get your product from paper to reality. Just let us know which stages you would like us to look after, so you can be free to concentrate on the rest.

These are just standard

  • We typically work on batches of 5 to 100 items, but also assemble one-offs up to 1000+ orders - just ask!
  • By default, we handle everything as being static-sensitive, and treat finished products as if they were our own.
  • We can use free-issue parts, can purchase on your behalf, or do a mixture of both - whatever works for you.
  • We are happy to sign NDAs/confidentiality agreements, and do our utmost to comply with GDPR.
  • We can often work from minimal information, although obviously the more that is available, the better.
  • We realise that designs may change during production for all sorts of reasons, and being a smaller company without large production lines, we can be very flexible in implementing adjustments quickly.
  • We run a computer system that was designed in-house, tailored to making our business work as efficiently as possible, and to provide accurate and up-to-date information, either if you ring or email us, or via its web interface.
  • We don’t have loads of levels of management, and we do all talk to each other, so getting answers doesn’t normally take too long. If we’ve missed responding to a call or an email, it’s usually an accident!