PCB Assembly

From simple single-sided PCBs to much more complex double-sided multi-layer mixed-technology designs, we build them all - and mainly by hand. Larger runs of SMD boards can be placed by hand or by machine, and soldered in our reflow oven. For smaller runs, we offer fine-pitch hand soldering.

Whether you need 1 or 1000, we just might be able to help!

Some of the stuff we can do

  • Hand assembly and soldering for through-hole
  • Hand and/or machine assembly for SMD with hot air reflow oven
  • Fine-pitch hand soldering down to 0402
  • Standard board finishes are Nickel-Gold or HASL, but others are available on request
  • Express or full-size Paste Screens/Stencils
  • Aqueous Cleaning, Chemical Spot-Cleaning, or No-Clean Solder
  • IC Programming on-board and off-board
  • Inspection - AOI, and Manual with 100x magnifier
  • Testing with customer-supplied equipment/test sets
  • Standard turnaround is 20 working days (if we purchase PCBs), but much faster turnarounds are possible. However, current supply chain issues might cause much longer lead times - we will advise this in advance